Monday, 10 September 2012

Here comes Autumn

Have you found the latest free pattern on my website?  The last butterfly of the summer!  All the excitement of the Olympics is now over and - as a non-sporting person- I'm afraid to confess I didn't watch one single thing!  I feel quite guilty about it really, as the rest of the country seemed to take it to their hearts. However, I am about to make amends as a very fond 'grandma' has asked me to design some gymnastic cards for her young grand-daughter.  I'm working on these at the moment and they should be on-line within the next fortnight.  Our September parchment workshop went well and we were all delighted to see Carol back amongst us after her bad fall.  We started to get into the Christmas mood with a Poinsettia Wreath design, which will also be in the 'Colourful Christmas' range within the next fortnight.

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  1. Thank you Judith. I was so pleased to be back with you all. I have finished the projects and was so inspired I went on to make the Peacock. See you next time.