Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Work in progress.....

I'm happy to say the new Christmas designs are still going well - especially the choir boys.  I was in Gloucester at the weekend and saw a particularly nice lantern on a church, which I am sure is going to be the next Christmas design.  You can't beat a decorated lantern to make you feel Chrismassy.  Earlier this month I spent a day in Margate, visiting the new art gallery, and whilst walking round the older part of town I found a very pretty shop which has inspired a new set of designs, featuring three little shops.  I just wish each week was ten days long - so many ideas, so little time!!!  Also halfway through a new set of Elegant Ladies for the CC Collection....think I'd better give up sleeping.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Christmas patterns

Glad to say the three new Christmas patterns have already proved popular.  Now I'm working on a Christmas pattern for the Parchment Craft magazine.  I also have some 'Christmas Fairy' ideas to play with. I do wish this hobby didn't make the year go so fast!  Had a lovely weekend at Holme Barn Crafts, working with Linda Williams and Gail Sydenham , brushing up on pencil techniques.  It was fun to be a student instead of a tutor this time. Looking forward to running my next workshop on 14th. July.  I just hope nobody gets caught in the traffic jam caused by the Olympic Torch coming through the area.