Thursday, 30 June 2011

Elegance pattern packs.

I'm so pleased you've liked the Elegance pattern pack which I was asked to produce for the CCCollection.  I did think the illustrations on the pack were rather too small to work from and now the packs have an A4 sheet included with much enlarged illustrations of the finished designs.  If anybody received a pack without this sheet,  Jo at CCCollections will be pleased to send it to you if you e-mail her. In answer to loads of queries, I'm afraid I cannot sell you these packs as they are being produced and marketed by the CCCollection. (Christine Coleman Collection)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Welcome to our new blog.

As a designer, I've come to know many parchment-crafters not just as customers on my website but as friends too.  We've had a few ups and downs - like the time I wrongly addressed a parcel to America instead of Australia and it took two months to get back to me - but on the whole we've got on pretty well!  You've given me suggestions for parchment designs and even sent me photographs of special pets and favourite flowers to work from. We hope this new blog will be another way to share news and ideas.