Sunday, 27 November 2011

Part two of 'Last Workshop for 2011"

Sorry Debs - forgot to say I was proud of you too!  In fact everyone at the workshop got in touch with their artistic side and the result was a whole flock of beautifully-painted oriental birds.  Every single one was different.  We should have had a 'show and tell' of work at the end - must remember to do that next year.

Last workshop for 2011.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on Saturday.  I have to say I AM SO PROUD OF CAROL!  I know how much she hates painting with felt-tips, but she gritted her teeth and persevered with not TOO much grumbling and finished up with a lovely piece of work. Looking forward now to next year's courses.  After having two more ideas for Debee's CD's, I now realise I will have to give up sleeping to get everything done - but its all so much fun I don't actually care....although I have started to drop off after lunch, completely missing 'Doctors'!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Let's all go down the pub!

Now that I've finished the artwork for DebbeesCDs, I've got inspired by my latest project -  designs based on country pub signs.  No - I really don't go from pub to pub doing research - if I did, I would never get any parching done.  Anyhow, I only drink at Christmas! There are such great pub names out there that it was difficult choosing my first six.  I'm not reproducing the actual sign, just taking inspiration from the name....but I have drawn the line at  the 'Slug and Lettuce'   That's not a REAL pub!  I hope to have these on the website during the first week in November. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Barton-on-Sea Workshops.

The dates for 2012 are now up on the website and places on the workshops can now be booked.  For those of us who are not entirely enthusiastic about the Olympics, getting away for a whole day of parchment is going to be a necessity!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Debees CD's 'Fairies are Everywhere'

My first venture into digi-crafting - and I'm really having fun.  I was  thrilled when Debs and I got together to plan this CD and her enthusiasm has certainly swept me along.  I hope you like it when you see it at the NEC on stand G45 - Debs has pulled out all the stops to get it ready on time, and Carol has made some great samples from the art work.   Thank you ladies!!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunday workshop at Helen's.

We had a very enjoyable and hard-working day at Holmebarn Crafts on Sunday. I provided a new pattern from my 'Wheels' pack - a pink Vespa-type scooter - and in the afternoon the ladies tackled my new 'Lace Stocking' pattern - a rather sexy christmas stocking!  Helen provided us all with lots of tea, coffee and cake and a very delicious lunch.  With the aid of SatNav I managed to find my own way there without getting lost - my first time driving on the motorway on my own - and even better, I got home safely! 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

White wedding cards

I needed a challenge and so when I was asked for wedding cards, I really enjoyed starting my new pattern set called 'white wedding'.  So far we have two designs featuring the bride and groom, and a third with a bridal bouquet. I really MUST set my mind to Christmas now and get those festive patterns on the website!  I can't believe its September already. We had a very hard-working Workshop at Barton-on-Sea on Saturday a lot of laughing and drinking of tea and coffee.  But everyone went home with two finished patterns. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Christmas cards

It feels like we've only just got over last Christmas but now we're getting requests for new Christmas designs on the website.  So in the next few weeks I will be getting to grips with robins, holly and christmas trees to see if I can put a new 'spin' on them.  However, I'm aware that many of you prefer traditional designs, so they will be there too.  Lots of work on at present as I am trying to catch up after last month's 'blip' when my husband was in hospital.  I had to get back to driving after five years off the road - and I can't say I enjoy it much. However, I have to admit that my new Citroen C1 is rather cute and could well find itself featured in a parchment design!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Painting workshop

Well ladies, some of you took a little persuading to ignore the pencils and try the paints, but YOU ALL DID IT! I'm proud to say that some of you were even pleasantly surprised at what you achieved. The painting subject was a frilly dance dress and walking round the class was like looking round a smart boutique - we had eighteen versions of the same dress and each one was unique. Well done everyone - and I promise I won't mention painting again for - well - at least two or three months!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Next Workshop at Barton on Sea

Working hard on the patterns for the next workshop, I got to wondering why so many of us  get quite panicky at the thought of painting! I think the hardest thing to master is the 'round and round' action with the paintbrush which pushes the paint along in front of the tip.  Once you've mastered that, it's really not so bad!  However, I bet when my students see that we have some painting to do at the workshop, there will be quite a few groans and lots of requests ' PLEASE can't we do it in blendable pencils !!!'  Come on ladies, be brave - you'll enjoy it, I promise!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Elegance pattern packs.

I'm so pleased you've liked the Elegance pattern pack which I was asked to produce for the CCCollection.  I did think the illustrations on the pack were rather too small to work from and now the packs have an A4 sheet included with much enlarged illustrations of the finished designs.  If anybody received a pack without this sheet,  Jo at CCCollections will be pleased to send it to you if you e-mail her. In answer to loads of queries, I'm afraid I cannot sell you these packs as they are being produced and marketed by the CCCollection. (Christine Coleman Collection)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Welcome to our new blog.

As a designer, I've come to know many parchment-crafters not just as customers on my website but as friends too.  We've had a few ups and downs - like the time I wrongly addressed a parcel to America instead of Australia and it took two months to get back to me - but on the whole we've got on pretty well!  You've given me suggestions for parchment designs and even sent me photographs of special pets and favourite flowers to work from. We hope this new blog will be another way to share news and ideas.