Thursday, 14 February 2013

'Let's Dance!' continued.

Got a bit ahead of myself because this won't be on the website until Friday 15th. Feb.  Not long to wait - just got a bit excited, telling you about the new back-to-front embossing pages!

'Let's Dance!'

jm056 is the number of the new sheet featuring three dancers.  My own favourite is the jazz dancer.  Some of you may have noticed that when a reasonable amount of embossing is involved, I'm providing an extra sheet to show the design at the embossing stage - back-to-front of course, because that's how you see it when you're embossing. I've done this with the Jazz Dancer and I'll be making this a permanent feature in as many of my patterns as possible from now on, especially in the whitework designs.  I'm already working on another set of designs for the jm056 series, one of them being a tap-dancer, and I'm also trying to fit in a 'Fred and Ginger' !  This will probably involve a bit of  'bling' in the shape of stick-on jewels, of course!