Sunday, 27 November 2011

Part two of 'Last Workshop for 2011"

Sorry Debs - forgot to say I was proud of you too!  In fact everyone at the workshop got in touch with their artistic side and the result was a whole flock of beautifully-painted oriental birds.  Every single one was different.  We should have had a 'show and tell' of work at the end - must remember to do that next year.

Last workshop for 2011.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on Saturday.  I have to say I AM SO PROUD OF CAROL!  I know how much she hates painting with felt-tips, but she gritted her teeth and persevered with not TOO much grumbling and finished up with a lovely piece of work. Looking forward now to next year's courses.  After having two more ideas for Debee's CD's, I now realise I will have to give up sleeping to get everything done - but its all so much fun I don't actually care....although I have started to drop off after lunch, completely missing 'Doctors'!