Saturday, 28 January 2012

First Workshop of 2012 on 24th March

Not written much here for a week or so - finishing my next set of 'Glamour Girls' and really enjoying myself, researching the 1920's fashions.  Must start to think about the first workhop at Barton on my first dozen people signed on for that and had a request for another 'Enchanted Garden' fairy - so that MAY be one of the patterns we work on. Recently bought  myself a Pergamano Moon Tool - my first new tool for several years!  I like to stick with just a few of the most popular perforating and embossing tools because there are just too many to afford now.  However, I was tempted by the moon tool because it is very pretty and also - if you don't have it - you can substitute the Pergamano semi-circle tool on my patterns.  I'm using it on one of my Glamour Girl patterns right now.  Almost ten thirty in the evening now - really must make a new resolution to stop 'parching' and designing and get to bed before midnight for a change.  Where does the time go when you're having fun!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Give me Parchment!!!! PLEASE!

I feel I've been in a parchment desert!  There has just been no time to get down to  serious designing since the Christmas and New Year festivities  but now the 'parchment' side of my brain has kicked into gear again. I'm really looking forward to seeing my parching buddies at our Wednesday group and I also have Alison Yeates class to look forward to in the coming week.  I've also put a new free pattern on my website. From this, you will gather that I am working on some new 'Glamour Girls' patterns.  Don't fret Debs - I'm also 'multi-tasking' on the next CD.