Sunday, 29 April 2012

Good gracious - where did April go?

Seems far too long since I've been on here.  Been very busy designing new patterns and planning what is going to happen, now that postal charges have gone up.  Also the cost of printing the patterns has risen dramatically.  I hate the idea of  putting up my charges, so its been decided that in the near future we will offer instant downloads which will be cheaper than the patterns are at present - and of course there will be no postal charges.  Its something we have been fighting against since we started selling patterns as we lose a bit of control over what happens to the pattern as a download - however, we now have to go with it!  For those who don't like buying on the internet via Paypal, there will still be the option of  paying by cheque and buying an actual pattern but I'm afraid it will cost more.  This won't all happen for a month or two as it will take a while to set up.
For anyone with a line-dancing friend, there's a new free pattern on my website, just for line-dancers.
Looking forward to the next course at Barton on Sea on May 5th.  We always have such a good time - I just hope the girls enjoy it as much as I do!  (By the way, we're quite happy to include male parchment-crafters on our courses, but they seem to be a rare breed!)

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