Friday, 1 July 2011

Next Workshop at Barton on Sea

Working hard on the patterns for the next workshop, I got to wondering why so many of us  get quite panicky at the thought of painting! I think the hardest thing to master is the 'round and round' action with the paintbrush which pushes the paint along in front of the tip.  Once you've mastered that, it's really not so bad!  However, I bet when my students see that we have some painting to do at the workshop, there will be quite a few groans and lots of requests ' PLEASE can't we do it in blendable pencils !!!'  Come on ladies, be brave - you'll enjoy it, I promise!


  1. What would you like us to put about painting on parchment when we can wax lyrical about pencils all day.
    Joking aside we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly as always and learned so much from you. Never knew about Bunty - Well!! Well!
    Til we meet again
    Carol and Debs

  2. Hi Judith.. I have just got home after the wonderful weekend and the fabulous workshop.... you must be a Magic Lady as I am now actually not so terrified of paints as I was Saturday morning!!! (still a devoted Pencilee though!)
    Loved the patterns... loved the day, love the laughs we had... Thank you!
    See you soon.. take care and hugs xxxxx